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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Brainstorming might just have solved a problem!

I've been chitchatting with an engineer, Loc this afternoon. Loc's right in the middle of a major bathroom overhaul and we've been talking about where pipes run and how to install flooring and a whole bunch of related stuff.

During our sticky note scribbling and remodeling discussion, I mentioned that I would really like to separate the two lights in my family room onto their own switches. Right now they are wired together and I have no flexibility as to the amount of light in the room and sometimes, one light would be plenty. But I've been stymied by trying to figure out how to add a new wire run without tearing up my ceiling and walls.

Loc & I figured it out! Instead of trying to run 1 new wire through the same path as the existing wire, I need to use that existing wire to pull 2 new wires through the existing path! I'll have to remove a light and a box above it to be certain, but I think that is the solution. Then I just have to replace a single box on the wall with a double, install the 2nd switch and make my connections.

The BSU is leaving Friday for a weekend in Oregon. I might just check this out and try to get 'er done while she is a way.

That Loc's pretty smart for an engineer!

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